Stop Wasting Time and Make your Life Easier

          Number one complaint among mothers is feeling like you have no time to accomplish anything! You feel like your stuck doing the same things over and over. Are you just going crazy or are you really wasting precious time? I know when I went on maternity leave with my second child, I felt hopeless. I really felt like I couldn’t finish cleaning one room before every other one was dirty again. Dishes and laundry for days! And with a newborn and an 18 month old, I just could not keep up. I made the best of it, but I struggled.

As the kids got older and we formed a routine, it became easier. Even when that newborn was almost three I was still finding myself feeling the anxiety of doing the same things everyday. So, I set out to lighten the burden and found an amazingly simple way to tackle the stress factor of motherhood.

How did I solve my problem so simply? I made a plan! Duh. Okay, admittedly, it is not quite that simple. First, I decided that if I am going to do all these things everyday I may as well plan on it and stop dreading it!  I wrote out all the things I did in an average day. I planned meals for the week. Then, I took inventory in my kitchen and made a grocery list. I looked at mine and my husbands schedule and planned an entire week. Here is a quick step-by-step of my thought process.


  • Make a list of daily and weekly chores
  • Order chores from least favorite to…whatever the opposite of that is when it comes to chores!
  • Include everything you do in a day for your children
  • Look over your personal schedule as well as your SO’s
  • List all weekly activities or special events
  • Make a meal plan for the week
  • Make a grocery list
  • Look over and make sure you haven’t left anything out
  • Write out that week’s schedule


When I went through and listed my chores and ranked them from least favorite I realized that I hated folding laundry. I also hated doing dishes, especially after supper! So, knowing that these things are basically unavoidable, I made conscious decision to tackle those two things first EVERYDAY!

That’s right, my advise to get you out of the household slump is to do what you hate most everyday! I know. I know, not much fun, BUT it is actually one of the best things I have ever done, for the soul reason that I didn’t spend half my days dreading it anymore! My solution was to put my laundry in that afternoon and let it dry. Then, I fluffed it while I was washing dishes in the morning (yes from the night before, gasp). After that, I folded and put away the laundry while my kids were at their most peaceful (morning playtime).

I looked over our schedules every week, then I would base writing our weeks schedule mostly on my children. That is just what worked for me, because most of my day revolves around them. If most of your day revolves around work, then take that focus. This should be individually personalized and is meant to make anyone’s week easier.

Start on Monday and write out an hourly schedule for everything on your list. Remember to get the dreaded chores out of the way, asap. Make sure you are giving yourself time to breath. I suggest getting the bulk of your actual housework done as early as you can. If your children are old enough to participate in chores, get them on board as well. If they see you making changes and tackling new things it will be an easier transition into them also doing new things.

Keeping younger children on a schedule is crucial to a mother’s sanity and I swear by it. If you have been wanting to do this for your children now is the time. Take the list of things they do everyday and put a time to it. This is based on the individual, of course. For example, my children wake up, have breakfast, playtime, TV time, clean up their toys, have lunch, bathe, nap, play, have supper, clean, read, pray, and go to bed at around the same time everyday.

Scheduling helps children feel secure and stable which helps their behavior too. It may seem boring and counter productive if you hate doing the same thing everyday, but with the kids, it will really make your life easier. Those things will just become muscle memory. You won’t even think about it as a chore anymore. If your not doing this with your kids, I strongly suggest you start.

After I went through schedules, I started on my meal plan. A quick word for people, like me, that do not like to feel pressured into eating a certain thing on a certain day: List 7 breakfast ideas, 7 lunch ideas, and 7 dinner ideas, and keep that list separate, instead of putting them on the actual schedule. Take inventory of your kitchen and make a grocery list. Now, you know you have everything you need to make these meals and you can simply choose from the weekly menu!

This tactic helped us to dramatically  lower the amount of money we were wasting on take out also, just because my husband and I are both very impulsive people. Being prepared to cook a meal helped me feel like I could get it finished so much more quickly, and in turn, avoid going out. Huge help tightening the budget! There’s more on how to save on groceries here!

What is most important not to forget, is that this is a plan to make your life easier, not more strenuous. Do not schedule you or anyone in your family to be doing something at every hour in the day. That will backfire. Do not stress if you go off schedule for a day. In fact, I recommend taking a day out of each week where you do not plan anything outside your normal day-to-day.

The point is to reduce confusion, dread, stress, and wasted time. You should feel relieved to know that every chore, meeting, meal, birthday, and everything in between is planned and will not be forgotten. Hopefully, after the first couple weeks you will find yourself adding home improvement projects. Maybe, after a while, you’ll add lunch dates, play dates, or even extra cleaning to the schedule because you can finally find the time!

I hope you find these tips useful! It has certainty helped my family!

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  1. This is great advice! I also loath folding laundry. I seem to have no problem washing and drying the clothes but once it comes time to folding… well, let’s just say I have a large pile waiting for me now! lol

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