Best Places to Find Unique Christmas Gifts For Kids

This post contains affiliate links, because I can’t sit around and write all day for free. 😛

Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes the barrage of gift giving. It seems like every year we focus more time, money, and effort on gifts than any other aspect of the holiday season. As sad as that is, our hearts are in the right place! We just need to learn how to gift smart, not hard….or something like that.

See, it really isn’t about how much money you spend on someone. Most people are happy to get a gift in the first place. What makes it a great gift is if it is thoughtful, unique, and personal for the recipient. So money isn’t an issue, but those three things roll off the tongue a lot easier than the reality of actually finding the perfect gift.

If you narrow it down to the right options, though, there is a much greater chance that you would find the perfect gift without so much time and effort! That is my goal in this series. I want to put in front of you several options where, I believe, you would be able to find the PERFECT unique gift for even the hardest to please family or friend!

Listed below are five websites in a wide range of categories. I have taken the time to research these sites and request to partner with them only because I believe in the gift giving potential of each one. I am also going to share with you some of the specific items I think would make great gifts but please visit the sites and look around for yourself. There may be something perfect for your special someone that I’ve missed.

  1. MarbleSpark
    • This company offers one-of-a-kind personalized children’s books
    • They have an easy to use website
    • Affordable
    • Bonus points for being educational
    • Following Featherbottom is their top seller and I can see why
    • Kids can read along as Featherbottom flies around the world to find the letters of your child’s name.
    • Every Hero Needs A Sidekick is also personalized to the child and helps children understand all the changes around becoming a big brother or sister.                                
    • God Whispered Your Name teaches kids about God creating the whole world, including them, which I think would make a child  feel VERY special.
    • Twas The Mouse Who Saved Christmas spins your child’s name into the classic book. This would be a perfect “night before” present to go along with some new pjs!
    • I can’t think of a kid who wouldn’t light up over getting a book specially made for them!
  2. Mable’s Labels
    • The company makes every kind of label you can think of! Organizing, personalizing, address labels, gift tags, labels for shoes, for clothes, everything!
    • They are on this list because what kid doesn’t love stickers!?
    • Add to that the fact that you can personalize these stickers with their name and all kinds of different animations for boys and girls!
    • Also very affordable and shipping is always free!
    • It is a great gift and the perfect stocking stuffer.                                                      
  3. KidStir
    • KidStir is a subscription program that provides fun and healthy meal and snack options for parents to make with their children.
    • The box includes recipes, stickers, small tools needed, and other fun little trinkets to go along with the theme.
    • This is a great gift, because it isn’t something I think most parents would just purchase, but something that I’m sure most kids would love.
    • It’s also educational for all ages!
    • You can get one box or sign up for their 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.
  4. Music Box Attic
    • Here you will find music boxes, clocks, musical ballerinas, carousels, jewelry, dolls, and so many other keepsakes.
    • Perfect for older boys and girls to put on a shelf or dresser and enjoy for the rest of their lives.
    • They offer a wide range of novelty and specialized trinkets so you can make it a very personal gift.
    • There is such a huge selection.
    • This gift is more on the expensive side, but this is something that they could keep forever. (there are some beautiful things on sale also)                                                                                                        
  5. The Land of Nod
    • Daughter company of the popular Crate&Barrel, just for children
    • They carry toys, kid’s furniture, bedding, all sorts of nursery and playroom decor
    • Their selection of items is massive but you can search by category, age group, and price range which makes navigating the site a breeze.
    • Great place to find a special gift for boys, which can be harder to do than with girls.
    • Here you will be able to find something special no matter what your price range is!
    • These are all from the $25 and under category! And no, they aren’t $24.99! lol.                   

If you don’t find something on this list (you’re crazy! :P) but you should check out my List of best selling Christmas presents which includes ideas for boys and girls of ALL ages! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you find and receive all the perfect gifts, most of all, I wish you a holiday season full of love!



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  1. These are some great suggestions that go beyond the typical Toys’R’Us ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! It can get so hectic at this time of year so it is good to have this guide.

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