How I’m turning 2017’s Bad Habits into 2018’s Healthy ones

First thing on most people’s list of resolutions is losing weight! I was a chubby kid. I grew up and lost weight through diet and exercise, but after having 3 kids, I’ve gained all of it back! I want to lose weight this year. Most importantly, I want to turn my bad eating habits into healthy ones.

My approach will be to focus on what foods fuel the processes of your body. I’m no expert, but I did study biology long enough to realize that what we put into our body determines how well it will run. If we eat foods that are good for our liver, our digestive system, and our cardiovascular health, then we will feel better! We will have more energy, lose weight, and have an easier time keeping it off!

My diet will consist of mainly raw fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch and a sensible meal for dinner, with snacks throughout the day. I know a lot of people like to eat meat more than once a day! If you want to add meat to your breakfast or lunch just do so sparingly, because our bodies only need a certain amount of protein in our diets. Low carbs, low fat, low sugar, light dairy (we all know those things are “bad” for us by now, but we still need some of them!) and eat as many leafy greens and veggies as you can. I’ll be sharing articles in our Facebook group this weekend on what foods are good for different systems of your body. If you’re not a member, click the link. 😉

I’m considering this a lifestyle change. I would like to first focus on adding things to my diet as opposed to focusing immediately on what we are taking away. I like to eat. I’ve gotten into the habit of snacking so I want to start getting all the food groups and servings of super foods that I need in a day, THEN focus on taking out the bad. (because when you don’t focus on restriction, you trick your mind into wanting to avoid the bad food!)

I want to pack my diet with different fruits and veggies that I know will help my body repair itself. As I’m going through my day focusing on eating all these foods, I won’t go hungry. The more I do right, the more I want to do right. The more I eat right, the more I will want to! I have plenty of opportunity to snack (on the right food) and even though I know I’ll still have cravings, I think this approach will be much more successful than me trying to restrict myself completely.

I want to starting taking bad things out of my diet one by one, instead of all at once. I was eating VERY poorly in 2017, so I should start to see a change even if I don’t kick everything right away! I’ve decided to start with eliminating take out food. My family was going out for at least 3 meals a week, usually more, so this is our first step to be healthy; save calories and save money!

I will be utilizing meal planning to avoid take out. I’m currently making a meal plan with tons of options and variety. This isn’t going to be a traditional plan where everything you eat will be set in stone. There will be options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and as long as you follow the grocery list (full of things you like to eat) you will have what you need for healthy meals. I feel like you need to be able to satisfy cravings and choose what you want to eat and this is the best I’ve found of doing that and still being prepared. So look for that in an upcoming post!

I’m also working on limiting my empty calories; soda,coffee creamer, snack food. It’s a process that is going to be a real struggle for me, but I’m determined to over come my addiction to food!

That’s where having the best support system you can have makes a difference! I am breaking habits that I have had for a long time! I consider this year to be one big challenge. I’m going to struggle, and I’m going to overcome, because I have everything I need to succeed.

If you haven’t joined us on How to Conquer EVERYTHING In 2018, please do! It isn’t just about being healthy, but about accomplishing whatever goals you have this year! There are great things happening and I want you to be part of it! Click below to get started!


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