The Questions You Should Ask Before Marriage

I am so excited to partner with the wealth management firm of BGA for this post! It highlights some important topics of discussion before marriage. This is a sponsored post but I absolutely agree that having these conversations before you decide on marriage is crucial to your success. Take this advice and continue to keep open lines of communication in all your relationships. “If you align expectations with reality, you will never be disappointed.”-Terrell Owens

When you stare out at the precipice of life hand-in-hand with your partner, you want to be well equipped with the information you need to navigate the journey together successfully.

When the stars align, and you realize you have found your soulmate, your mind can race in a million different directions. Plans for a united future, the advantages and disadvantages of changing last names, and the seemingly endless questions about plans for an impending wedding celebration all confront you with unrelenting persistence. What will you wear on your big day, who will attend, how many men and maidens will stand on both sides of the aisle, will you host a winter or spring wedding, is it to be located at an exotic destination or will it be a small, cozy affair in the backyard? There are so many questions which need answers. However, after someone takes a knee and pops the question, it is essential to remain focused on the significance of your marriage without letting the wedding day planning overshadow the real and vital plans for your future.

The flowers in the bouquet and the choice of cufflinks are important details for your wedding, but during the engagement period, it is essential that you and your partner sit down and have some real-life discussions. These conversations should provide you a deeper understanding of your soulmate. They should also set you on a path of mutual respect and understanding for reference during some of life’s most significant decisions and milestones. Here are some important topics to discuss ad nauseam before saying, “I do.”

  1. Your visions for family. Regardless of whether you want many children, a house full of fur babies, or no dependents at all, it is essential you bare your expectations to your future husband or wife. Compromise is an unavoidable ingredient for a good marriage, but family size is one area which requires a well-communicated plan and buy-in from both parties from the very beginning.

Your path as a couple may or may not include children but when you understand the desires of the other person you are more apt to meet their expectations and compromise when necessary.

  1. Traditions and cultural differences. When two people join together in marriage, they bring with them their rich traditions and customs rooted in things like culture, race, sex, region, cuisine, political affiliation, and religion. The melding of those two separate sets of expectations and time-honored traditions can be tricky if you do not take the time to process how you will handle conflict and move forward with an assumed respect for one another’s unique point of view.
  2. Religious practices. Couples who wish to marry someone outside of their religious affiliation need to adequately educate themselves and their partner on the expectations both as individuals and as a couple. Try to reach an agreement or understanding for how you will practice your religion(s) and how you want to raise your growing family when and if the time comes.
  3. Life expectations. When you look into your future what do you see? Do you want to travel to Europe once a year, do you consider yourself ambitious and hardworking with plans of climbing the corporate ladder, or do you dream of a minimalist lifestyle full of quality time with family and friends? Coming to terms with your plans for the future can be challenging and simultaneously refreshing, especially when you discover how to interweave your ideas and the expectations of your loved one.
  4. Financial obligations both current and future. One of the leading reasons for broken or failed marriages is due to finances. Be truthful about your financial position upon entering marriage and discuss how you want to grow financially as a couple. If you can, set a plan in place for how you will manage assets and financial obligations. Consulting financial experts to help you map out the proper direction for your wealth management is a fantastic way to get started. Plus, you can do it as a couple before you say your vows.

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Choose experts and mentors to help you along your marriage journey. The financial experts at Benedetti, Gucer & Associates can grow with you as a couple from the time you say “yes” until your retirement years.

Get your marriage started on the right foot. Before you make the many detailed plans to tie the knot, sit down with your soulmate for some life-altering conversations about finances. These discussions will hopefully reduce altercations and misunderstanding in the future.


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