How to Live Intentionally

The new buzz word is Intentionally. Generally, people use it to convey the idea of having a well balanced life. Someone who is happy, healthy, successful, moral, and just seems to have everything in order. That person doesn’t exist, at least not all the time, but it is nice to have an idea of who we want to be.

Thinking about who you are and what your dreams are is so important to your success. You can’t just say “I’m going to be great.” and continue floating through life until you arrive at greatness, you have to earn it. You have to know what you want and work hard to get it! In other words your life doesn’t happen at random, it is planned intentionally.

I strive to live intentionally, though I don’t usually call it that, the idea is the same. I want to be successful and happy with my life, so I think about what I can do to make my life and family’s lives better.That lead me to created a list in my experience of ten steps you should take to start living your life with intention.

Have Goals

  • How can you succeed if it isn’t clear where you are going?
  • Take time every single day to set goals for yourself

Make a Step-by-step Plan

  • Your daily goals may be to wash dishes and cook supper. Write a schedule for yourself to follow until you’ve completed those tasks.
  • Your goal may be to graduate college. Write out a month by month plan to accomplish everything on time.

Stay Ahead of Schedule

  • The farther ahead you are the closer to success you are.
  • Find any way you can to accomplish your goals ahead of schedule and move on to the next victory.

Put in the Work

  • You won’t go far if you’re not willing to dedicate lots of time and effort to achieving your goals.
  • The more you put in, the more you get out.

Remember God

  • Having God as a protector and confidant is really the only reason I’ve been able to accomplish my dream of having a blog! He was even the inspiration.
  • It is so peaceful knowing that I can call on him if I ever need anything and that helps my state of mind like nothing else.

Always be Evolving

  • Things are changing so fast these days, it is hard to keep up.
  • Make sure you are relevant and continue to shape your goals to fit your future.


  • Just picturing yourself on the other side, after you have finally reached your goal and are enjoying the full benefits thereof, can be a huge boost.
  • Visualize the end goal every morning to stay focused on the task at hand

Work Smart not Hard

  • You don’t have to work your fingers to the bone to be successful.
  • Put in the effort and be smart about how you invest your time to see maximum results

Practice Self-care

  • Never lose sight of how important you are. Take time everyday to do something for yourself.
  • Take care of your mental and physical health. Never sacrifice your personal time for trivial problems.

Stay Organized

  • You will get things done so much more quickly if you are organized.
  • Make time each month to write schedules, budgets, meal plan, grocery lists, meal prep, de-clutter, cleaning list, to-do list, WHATEVER it takes to get your priorities in order and your to-dos clear.

Just reading this makes me think of how much more I could be doing to achieve my goals. It is always a balancing act, the more balanced the better. We just have to make sure we are doing everything we can to lead our lives intentionally down the path that we choose!


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