50 Ways You Can Save Money

I am totally focused on my budget this month. In the How to Conquer Group we are going to be learning about how to save money, the snowball debt payoff method, and all Dave Ramsey teachings. The advise Dave gives is easy to understand, however it is not necessarily easy. In order to accomplish his “baby steps” most people will have to scrimp and save at all cost.

On the bright side, those “baby steps” are your path to wealth. And that, my friend, is what we are talking about. Any time I say SAVE money, I’m really saying MAKE money. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Know it, live it. We want to be wealthy!

We are just women, though! How can we live without spending money!?

It’s tough. It’s a balancing act! The easiest way to conqure it is to change your whole process when you need something. First, there are actually very few things you NEED. Most things we need are just wants, so decide if you can live without it. Second, if you decide you must have this item in your life, then you get the best deal on it, possible.

If you apply that mindset to every single possible transaction, you will train yourself to hold onto your money. That will determine what is actually valuable to you in life. Here are 50 ways you can save, I mean MAKE, money to add to your savings or payoff debt! If you want to learn more about Dave or just have a  friendly chat with me and the girls, join us on the How to Conquer Everything group page.

  1. Buy Bigger Portions
    • Usually, the more you buy at a time, the more product you’re going to get for the money.
    • Compare prices of different size packages and see if you could be saving
  2. Cut Bottles and Tubes open
    • By cutting tubes and bottles open, you can use every last drop of those expensive shampoos and lotions us women swear by! (DevaCurl!!!)
    • I usually cut the container a bit below the middle and use a binder clip (clam clip) to keep the top closed until it’s all gone.
  3. Buy in Bulk
    • Having a membership to Sam’s Club or Costco can save you lots of money, if you’re careful!
    • While items like diapers and toilet paper are often cheaper, be careful to make sure everything you buy is actually cheaper than it would be at the grocery store.
  4. Use Store Apps
    • I think most major stores have their own money saving app now. (I use Wal-mart’s Savings Catcher)
    • Utilize this tool and be consistent. It’s free money, don’t loose a penny of it!
  5. Turn Off Your Lights
    • It may not seem like this will make a big difference, but if you make a practice of turning off you lights every time, you will save money.
    • How much you save depends on what kind of light bulb you use.
    • LED bulbs use the least energy and are not rapidly aged by turning the light on and off, so they are a top choice for your home.
  6. Shower Instead of Bathe

    • Did you know that a bath uses more water than a shower?
    • According to the EPA, a shower only uses 10-25 gallons, while a bath could use up to 70!
  7. Buy Bagged Cereal
    • Save money on cereal by ditching the box and buying a larger bag.
    • Most boxes of cereal are $3-$4, where bags are around $5, but you get a lot more for your money!
  8. After Season Sales
    • I always buy my kid’s clothes a season ahead.
    • Buying a size up during after season sales could mean your kid will look super cute all year long for CHEAP!
  9. Make Your Detergent
    • I love the idea of getting gallons of detergent for pennies on the dollar of what regular detergent costs!
    • Bonus, you know what’s in it and you can customize the scent.
  10. Car pool
    • Not everyone can utilize this method, however it is worth looking into.
    • If you can, it could save you a ton on gas money and wear and tear of your vehicle.
  11. Buy Furniture at Goodwill
    • Most people know you can buy used clothes at goodwill, and you should!
    • It’s also a great place to find used furniture and appliances for your home.
  12. Start a Garden
    • Starting a garden is an awesome way to get healthy organic food for cheap!
    • Even picking a few items to grow every season could save you a ton on groceries.
  13. Buy off Brand
    • I preach about off brand products! Please, don’t rule these out.
    • You could save anywhere from .50 to $2 per item just by choosing the store brand.
  14. Shop for Used Clothing
    • Like I said, Goodwill is an awesome place to shop.
    • Consignment shops, yard sales, and even Facebook groups are also great ways to spend less on clothing.
  15. Yard sales
    • Yard sales are not only good for clothing
    • You can find pretty much anything at a yard sale and if you are looking for cheap home decor, they can’t be beat!
  16. Bake sale
    • Whether you are shopping or hosting a bake sale, they are awesome, and had to make the list
    • I’m a home baker, so this is my go to source for a little quick income!
  17. Clothes swap
    • Either join or host a clothing swap in your area.
    • These are great for getting new clothes in exchange for clothes your kids have already out grown.
  18. Shop at Dollar Tree
    • Dollar Tree has come a long way in the last few years.
    • If your budget is tighter than usual one week, stop by the dollar tree and grab some super cheap items to get you through the week.
  19. DIY Birthday and Christmas Gifts
    • Birthdays and Christmas gets expensive fast
    • Save money by giving relatives and teachers homemade gifts, instead of store bought.
  20. Mow Your Own Lawn
    • If you are paying for lawn care and struggling to pay bills, it’s time to re-evaluate.
    • No one likes cutting grass and few people have time for it, but save the money and do it yourself!
  21. Change Your Own Oil

    • This is something that used to be common practice for men. And by men, I mean husbands ūüėČ
    • For an hour’s work and the price of the oil you could save yourself $30-$40.
  22. Blackout Curtains
    • The more light you keep out of your home, the cooler it will be.
    • Use blackout curtain to insulate your windows.
  23. Limit Electronic Time
    • Limiting screen time will reduce the need to charge/power the devise, saving money on your electric bill
    • Kids, especially, need to limit screen time in order to develop a healthy cognition
  24. Stop Eating Out
    • A meal for my family can be anywhere from $25-$50 easily.
    • I can feed my whole family for a week on $75.
  25. Avoid Late Fees
    • If you are paying bills late, then I’m assuming you are struggling financially, so it will sound redundant to say “pay your bills on time!” and I’m sorry for that!
    • No matter what you have going on, if you do not find a way to pay that bill before the due date, there will be a late fee and it will keep going up the longer you take to pay it.
    • If you are struggling to pay a bill on time, get creative. Have a yard sale, bake sale, babysit, whatever it takes.
  26. Use Restaurant Coupons
    • Most restaurants have coupons and you should totally take advantage of that!
    • A lot of restaurants now have a mailing list, also. Sign up at your favorite place to get exclusive specials and, usually, birthday freebies too.
  27. Clearance Category
    • By now we have all learned how to sort our online shopping from lowest to highest price!
    • Did you know that many sites do not include their actual clearance items in regular searches.
    • Make sure to check out the clearance category before you pay full price
  28. Ibotta
    • Ibotta is an app that allows you to save money on grocery store items.
    • Just scan the item and your recipt and save on items that you buy every week (like eggs, milk, bananas)
    • Click here to sign up and we will BOTH get a bonus! Plus, you’ll get your own code to share with friends and get incentives when they signup.
  29. Dosh
    • Dosh is another awesome app that lets you save money on restaurants, hotels, and in stores.
    • They offer a $5 bonus when completing the sign up process and also give incentives to refer friends!
  30. Thredup
    • Thredup is awesome!
    • If Goodwill isn’t your style and yard sales creep you out, you will love this online consignment boutique.
  31. Ebay
    • Even though you run some risk, I think Ebay is a great way to save money on things like household appliances, phones, cameras, jewelry and pretty much everything.
  32. Stay Home
    • Staying home may seem like a drag, but it doesn’t have to be.
    • There are tons of great things you can do to entertain yourself and your kids at home.
    • Also, you can wear your jammies and not brush your hair and no one will judge you!
  33. Homemade Cleaner
    • The expense of household cleaner can add up quickly.
    • With inexpensive items like a spray bottle, vinegar, and lemons, you can make your own cleaner and save lots of money!
  34. Netflix
    • Going out to a movie can cost $20-$50, for just two people.
    • Netflix starts at $7.99 a month and is the perfect foundation for endless at home date nights!
  35. Free Movie Sites
    • if you’re not patient enough to wait for the next movies to make it to Netflix, you might try to find a free movie site.
    • They usually have new movies and shows posted as early as an hour after it airs/premiers
    • Be careful with these sites, because they have tons of pop ups and ads, some of which can be inappropriate.
  36. No Spend Days
    • On weeks when money is tight, or sometimes when I just want to test myself, I set a time for us to go oooffff the grid! lol.
    • I make sure we have everything we need for those few days and we hunker down.
    • I’ve started to love being home for days at a time, so I’ve started to use school holidays for our “no-spend” time.
    • I always have a meal and snack plan ready and all kinds of activities to keep the kids from going stir crazy.
    • As long as you’re at home, then you are saving money!
  37. Meal Plan
    • Meal planning is so important to your budget.
    • Dave Ramsey says that 5%-10% of your income should go to food.
    • Stay in budget by planning what your family will eat for the week based on your budget
    • You can ready more about meal planning here.
  38. Stick to Grocery List
    • It’s very important to stick to the grocery list, after all your hard work making it.
    • Extras add up and when you go off the list, you’re not keeping track of price or nutritional value of all the items and can easily end up with way too much junk food!
  39. Go to Auctions
    • When I first moved out on my own, my mom went to the local auction every week.
    • I can not tell you how much furniture we got from that place, and I mean for CHEAP! It was awesome and I am a total fan of auctions forever.
  40. Buy Used Appliances
    • This one is tricky because you have to make sure you are buying a reliable product.
    • If you can find a used washer/dryer or fridge, make sure you are buying from a reputable or trustworthy person, then make sure you get a receipt, and ask about a 30 day money back guarantee.
  41. Local Mechanics
    • Again, you have to make sure this person is trust worthy, otherwise you will be wasting money instead of saving it.
    • If you can find a good local mechanic, you have struck gold. Hold on to him and treat him dearly. The good ones are few and far between.
  42. Trade Babysitting
    • Babysitters are hard to find and expensive.
    • Save money (and peace of mind) by trading sitting nights with friends or neighbors.
  43. Stop Buying at Gas Stations
    • ¬†Convenience stores are necessary for gas. The problem is that they offer so much more.
    • Just remember, if you purchase anything from the store you are paying for the convenience.
  44. Quit Smoking
    • No doubt smoking is expensive! It’s probably the #1 thing people waste money on.
    • It’s hard, but quitting is so worth it. Save money and save your life.
  45. Make Your Own Coffee
    • Coffee is a habit that may not be as deadly as smoking, but could be just as expensive.
    • Save $5 to $10 a day by making your own coffee
  46. Repair or Dye Old Clothing
    • Why throw your old clothes away when you could re-purpose them.
    • Bags, Vests, Boot socks, the list of items you can make with discarded clothes is endless.
  47. Amazon Subscribe
    • We all love amazon, but are you taking full advantage of their savings?
    • Subscribe¬† to reorder the item you use most and get savings on every shipment. Awesome for diapers, wipes, paper towels and other toiletry items.
  48. DIY Snack Bars
    • Anything DIY will probably save you money. How easy is do it yourself granola bars to save money on pre-made snacks?
    • All you need is some oats, peanut butter, honey, and trail mix for enough cereal bars to last your whole family a week or more.
  49. Pre-portion Snacks
    • Aside from snack bars, you could also make your own individual portions of chips, dried fruit, nuts, cookies, pop corn, veggies, or anything your family loves to snack on.
    • Way cheaper than buying snack size
  50. Wash Car at Home
    • Car washes are just another expense that adds up.
    • For what you pay to have a machine wash your car, you could get everything you need to wash it yourself (and do a better job) 20 times.

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