49 Motivational Tips for Success

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”

-Collin Powell

Plain and simple, there is no secret formula that will make you succeed. You have to earn it! It comes from blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours of diligent work. If you dream of making the world a better place, I believe you can achieve that, no matter what, with preparation, hard work, and learning from your failures.

Whatever your dreams are, finding success in them may seem like an impossibility. Do not let a few bumps in the road keep you from completing your journey. With hard work and dedication, you can accomplish those dreams!

The common factor that links every successful person in the world is the fact that none of them gave up! Don’t think that people are in those positions because there path was easier than ours, it wasn’t. They were smart, diligent, insightful, and they didn’t give up!

Being intentional in your plans is crucial for you to succeed. In order to do this you have to find motivation for the never ending stream of work you’re taking on. (It takes A LOT of work to become successful!) Let’s face it, we all get lazy. I made a this list because I was feeling lazy and I needed a reminder of why I work 6 days a week on a blog that is still a small fish in a very big ocean!

Next time you need a pick me up or just a little inspiration, try one of these ideas to get a fresh perspective on the task at hand.

  1. Visualize
    • When you are starting to lose focus, picture the end result.
    • Don’t ever forget why you are working so hard.
  2. Make short term and long term goals
    • You will not become successful without goals.
    • Make short term goals you can accomplish to stay motivated in accomplishing long term goals.
  3. Make lists
    • Staying organized is so important to accomplishing goals.
    • Make lists to keep thoughts separate and clear.
  4. Keep a diary
    • Sometimes just writing out your feelings is a weight off your shoulders.
    • Reading over a time when you were struggling in the past may help you get over the current funk.
  5. Meditate
    • Take time to clear your mind.
    • Many successful people swear by their morning meditation.
  6. Start a bullet journal
    • Bullet journaling is simply keeping all your ideas, to-dos, and schedules in one place.
    • Like a journal or planner but both, basically.
  7. Pray
    • I can tell you all day that there is power in prayer, but will you believe me?
    • Just taking a moment to thank God for my blessing and ask his forgiveness instantly makes me feel more grateful for my opportunities.
  8. Listen to music
    • I can’t clean without music in the back ground. Workouts are the same.
    • There is nothing like your favorite playlist to pass the time when it would otherwise drag by!
  9. Practice yoga
    • I love yoga and the way it makes you feel afterward.
    • Taking the time to stretch and breath makes you feel like you could take on the world..
  10. Write down your goals
    • So, of course you need goals, but it is just as important to write down your goals.
    • Having this helps you visualize your path, stay on task, and remind you of the end result.
  11. Stick to a schedule
    • Scheduling your time is so important for maximum productivity.
    • You will be more likely to accomplish your tasks if you know what’s in store for you that day.
  12. Reward yourself
    • Don’t forget to treat yourself. Trying to avoid the self-indulgent side of the world can lead to you forgetting what is most important, your happiness.
    • Small tokens of appreciation for yourself are extremely motivating to keep the momentum.
  13. Keep track of your progress
    • This could be a section in your bullet journal, a written graph, or a computer document.
    • Keeping track of progress will help you determine what actions have been successful and which have produced little gain.
  14. Join a group
    • Join a prooup of like minded people who share your goals.
    • You will gain a sense of accountability and be able to confide in and lean from the other members.
  15. Make plans
    • You have long term goals, short term goals, and lists of things that you need to accomplish.
    • Create a plan to bring all that together and spell out how you will accomplish those things.
  16. Look at family pictures
    • Sometime we need to reel it in.
    • Looking at family pictures can bring back memories that will inspire you in surprising ways!
  17. Visit a friend
    • Much like the pictures, visiting a friend can open your mind to new feelings and thoughts.
    • Use this change of scenery as motivation to completely the arduous daily tasks.
  18. Take a trip
    • Again, taking a break from all the hard work can be huge for recharging your battery.
    • Taking a long drive or a weekend getaway could be just what you need to get going.
  19. Read
    • Reading can give you motivation or a whole new perspective.
    • All successful people read to further their knowledge, insight, and to inspire creativity.
  20. Take a class
    • If there is something you want to learn, take a class and gain that information.
    • Not only will you be learning something new, you will be taken out of your comfort zone, which is great motivation when you get back to it!
  21. Identify your 3 strongest qualities
    • Do you know what your three strongest qualities are?
    • Taking time to list three great things about yourself will help you realize that you are capable of great things!
  22. Practice affirmations
    • Affirmations many sound corny but they work! It’s the idea as visualizing or manifesting.
    • Simply repeating these motivating sentences out loud could be exactly what you need to take on the day.
  23. Read scripture
    • There are so many amazing scriptures for motivation!
    • 2 Corinthians 12:9And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
  24. Listen to motivational speakers
    • There are truly amazing people in this world. We can learn a lot from other people.
    • Motivational speakers have often been through hard times that you could easily relate to and have overcome those struggles.
  25. Document your life
    • I’m not saying live on social media, but be proud of yourself.
    • Do not be afraid to document and share your successes and your failure with your peers.
  26. Use checks and balances
    • Identify your top priorities (i.e. being healthy, wealthy, and wise)
    • Now, balance tasks in those categories to spend an appropriate amount of time/effort on each.
    • I would love to eat only fresh organic food, but I would also love to not be flat broke! It’s a balance.
  27. Don’t over schedule
    • Do not take on more than you can handle. Easier said than done, I know.
    • The easiest way to become burned out is to over schedule yourself and not reserve time to spend on personal needs.
  28. Be thankful
    • Be thankful for everything.The fact that you are alive, breathing, thinking, planning better things for yourself, is a blessing: be thankful.
    • Having a thankful mindset is crucial to being a positive and motivated person.
  29. Always make time for family
    • My family is the reason I want to be a good person. I think most parents relate to that.
    • Don’t get so caught up in changing the world for them that you forget to give them your time.
  30. Be realistic
    • There is nothing wrong with dreaming big! But you won’t achieve those dreams unless you learn to be realistic.
    • This is a hard-hitting, competitive world. You are going to fall short at times. Do not let trivial things or emotions hinder your progress.
  31. Don’t compare yourself to others
    • Theodore Roosevelt said comparison is the thief of joy. Never consider other people when determining success on your journey.
    • God has a unique plan for each of us and our blessings will come in their own time. Counting other’s blessing will only steal your joy.
  32. Have friends who are positive
    • The Bible says bad company corrupts good morals, and I agree.
    • You become like the people you are around. Many sure you are keeping company with people who uplift you.
  33. Go to church
    • When you join a church, those people become like your family.
    • Taking the time to worship and be uplifted is such an amazing motivation!
  34. Keep a clean house
    • I don’t know about you, but I can’t cook if there are dirty dishes.
    • Keeping your house neat and tidy will mean you are sitting on ready for the next, more important, task.
  35. Volunteer
    • There are so many people in the world who need help: kids who don’t have a role model, women who need to have their faith restored, homeless who need a warm meal.
    • Taking time to go and help those people is not only a blessing to them, but to you also.
    • It is a great way to really get your priorities in order.
  36. Exercise
    • Most people need motivation to exercise, so how is exercising motivation? It’s addictive.
    • Use exercise as a¬† catalyst for everything that you need to accomplish in a day. If you have the motivation to get up and exercise, everything else should be a piece of cake.
  37. Start a group
    • If you can’t find a group to join, start your own group. I started the How to conquer Everything fb group for women (like me) who want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    • It a great way to be accountable and help others by sharing your own personal story and success.
  38. Go back to school
    • If you want to feel like you are making progress in life but don’t know where to start, I suggest going back to school.
    • You will be gaining valuable life experience¬† and moving forward into the next chapter of your life. Now, that is motivating!
  39. Change jobs
    • If you dread getting up in the morning because of your job, it’s time for a change.
    • You can not be successful in any area of your life if you are miserable in another
  40. Find a new hobby
    • Learning new things is always motivating. You are expanding your knowledge.
    • If you feel stuck in a rut or have writers block, pick up something you’ve never tried before and remind yourself how many talents you have!
  41. Research
    • If you’re feeling unsure of yourself, gain the knowledge you need to over come that.
    • Knowledge is power. Knowing how to succeed gives you the power to do so.
  42. Brainstorm
    • I brainstorm often. I find a few minutes of quiet time and think about all the things I want to accomplish, then jot down any ideas that come up.
    • Some of my best blog posts have come from these brainstorming sessions. It is motivating to see your own ideas on paper.
  43. Take a break
    • There is nothing like a BREAK to refresh the mind, body, and spirit. It is necessary.
    • As a mom of 5, I know how hard it can be to find the time, but you have to.
    • Even if it is at 9:30, after everyone is in bed and all you do is watch an episode of SVU before you fall asleep. Take that time and don’t ever feel guilty about it.
  44. Have a morning routine
    • Morning time is like the foundation of your day. What happens in those short couple of hours can set you up for success or failure.
    • I love waking up before everyone else in the house, it’s just so peaceful. I can stretch, read, meditate, or whatever else might be a part of my energizing and organizing morning routine.
  45. Quit a bad habit
    • Like exercise, this is a task that requires motivation to be successful.
    • However, if you are successful at ending bad habits, that will cause a snowball effect of motivation that could change your life! Success is motivation for success.
  46. Declutter
    • There is nothing better, to me, than a clean open space. I love the idea of minimal living too.
    • Freedom from material possessions is like achieving inner peace.
    • In today’s consumer driven society, dare to be different and find happiness in your work, not your possessions.
  47. Take a walk
    • It is actually beautiful weather outside today. I think we will walk down to the pong with the kids when Bob get’s home.
    • Getting sun, fresh air, and seeing God’s amazing creation is so inspiring to me. It makes me thankful for the life I have and it motivates me to do more!
  48. Open the Windows

    • If you have too much to do for an evening stroll, instead open the curtains and windows.
    • Cleaning the house, helping with homework, or writing a novel, anything is easier with fresh air and sun!
  49. Do it for yourself
    • At the end of the day, whatever you are working toward, you need to be doing that for yourself. Not anyone else.
    • You know what you want. If you want success bad enough, then you’ll work for it.

Could I have thought of one more idea to motivate? Probably. There are just so many “50” lists out there I though I would switch it up. I hope this inspires you, I know it has inspired me. I have had good days and bad days, but having so much on my plate is a balancing act and I’m learning accept that.

Keep your goals clear and be realistic with your progress. Stay dedicated and never, ever give up on your dream. It takes preparation, hard work, and persistence, but it will be oh so sweet when we get there!

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