How Spirituality Improved my Mental Health

Recently, people have started to focus more on their mental health, especially women. I’m so excited about this newfound interest, because I believe it is crucial to being a successful human being.

I personally have struggled with many of the aspects of mental health. I think many of them are common problems women face. If you use the list below as a starting guide for what mental health really means, we can all consider it something which needs constant improving.

10 characteristics of people who are mentally healthy By

  1. Feel good about themselves.
  2. Do not become overwhelmed by emotions, such as fear, anger, love, jealousy, guilt, or anxiety.
  3. Have lasting and satisfying personal relationships.
  4. Feel comfortable with other people.
  5. Can laugh at themselves and with others.
  6. Have respect for themselves and for others even if there are differences.
  7. Are able to accept life’s disappointments.
  8. Can meet life’s demands and handle their problems when they arise.
  9. Make their own decisions.
  10. Shape their environment whenever possible and adjust to it when necessary.

If you’ve been following along, you already know, I suffered in my years as a teen and young adult. I drank, used drugs, and did pretty much whatever I wanted, under the guise that I was a modern, independent woman. (Cue internal laughter) I put on the persona that I was confident and happy with my life.

The reality is that I was notorious for putting myself into dangerous relationships (and friendships) that ultimately lead me into some terrible situations. All the while, my self esteem is at rock bottom, I’m totally overwhelmed, all my relationships have fallen apart, I’m totally uncomfortable with the person I’ve become, and being comfortable with anyone else was impossible.

It was like I was rolling downhill. Getting scratched and bruised, until finally, I hit the ground. When that happened, I woke up a little and realized most of my misfortune, at least by that point, was my own fault. What could have been the worst thing that ever happened turned into the best thing!

Me “hitting the ground” was finding out I was pregnant two weeks after moving back to my hometown. After I freaked out, I immediately moved back in with my parents and started going to church! I knew that I had to change everything about myself in order to be a good mother.

For me, that is what it took. Finding my spirituality in the Lord. I realized that my family still loved me, my church family welcomed me in, and my outlook on the world changed instantly.

Because of the love I felt from my family, friends, and mostly God, I was no longer over whelmed with angst. I made friends. Positive things started happening in my life and today, I’m one of the happiest people I know. (which is why I share these stories with you)

If you are still not convinced that find a spiritual guidance will help your life I want to be very specific about BEFORE and AFTER what is different now that I rely on my faith, and let me tell you, it is dramatic.

  1.  Feeling Good About Myself
    • BEFORE
    • Unhappy
    • Pessimist
    • Social Anxiety
    • Low self- worth
    • Very Negative
    • AFTER
    • Forgave myself and others
    • Wanted to improve
    • Grew strong morals and values
    • Became positive
  2. Not Overwhelmed by Emotions
    • BEFORE
    • Always felt overwhelmed
    • Felt sadness and dread
    • No one would understand
    • AFTER
    • Strong feeling of love
    • Positive and happy
    • Handle problems as they arise
  3. Personal Relationships
    • BEFORE
    • Trouble making friends
    • Chose bad influences
    • Didn’t know how to be a friend
    • Often self destruct relationships
    • AFTER
    • See people in a different light
    • Have enough love in my heart to share with others
    • Know that I must guard my heart and conscience
  4. Comfortable With Other People
    • BEFORE
    • Not comfortable with myself
    • Not comfortable with others
    • Not comfortable with where my life was
    • AFTER
    • I love myself
    • Happy being myself around others
    • Happy with where I am in life                                                 
  5. They Can Laugh
    • BEFORE
    • Always had a good sense of humor
    • Even though I used to laugh at myself, it wasn’t always genuine
    • AFTER
    • I started laughing for real
    • I can laugh when I make mistakes
    • Not easily offended by humor or personal insult
  6. Respect for Themselves and Others

    • BEFORE
    • No self-respect
    • No respect for rules, laws, authority
    • No respect for life
    • AFTER
    • Learned to act in a respectable way
    • Give everyone around me respect
    • Value the blessing of life
  7. Can Accept Disappointments
    • BEFORE
    • Everything was a disappointment
    • Didn’t cope with disappointment
    • Masked pain with distractions
    • AFTER
    • Understand everything is for a reason
    • Believe God has a plan and knows what is best for me
    •  When disappointments happen, I trust that there is something else in store for me
  8. Can Meet Life’s Demands
    • BEFORE
    • Could not live up to demands
    • Felt impossible expectations
    • Anxiety and stress over being who everyone wanted me to be
    • AFTER
    • Constant want to improve
    • Careful planning to care for my family
    • Pride in my work
    • Sense of care is noticeable in my job
    • Took on more work to share the idea of God’s love
  9. Make Your Own Decisions
    • BEFORE
    •  Was not allowed to make decisions as a child
    • Was unequipped to make them as an adult
    • Independent but lacking informed decisions
    • AFTER
    • Made decisions based on my morals
    • Decisions I could be proud of
    • Learning valuable lessons to make better decisions
  10. Shape Their own Environment and Adjust
    • BEFORE
    • Felt invisible
    • No power to make an impact on the world
    • Scared of change
    • Product of the unhealthy environment I was in
    • AFTER
    • Started creating a more positive environment
    • Used my resources to continue my learning
    • Stopped associating with bad influences
    • Created to one day become a full-time SAHM blogger and share the ways God has changed my life
    • Building a successful, love-filled, life that I can be proud of

Sentence fragments are not usually my writing style, but there was so much I wanted to say without sounding so long and drawn out. I hope you can see, this way, the night and day difference in my whole life since I asked God into my heart.

Have you considered faith as a way to relieve your symptoms of poor mental health? If not, what’s stopping you? Be the best person you can be. Be happy! Thank you for reading. Please tell me what you think and feel free to share your personal struggle with mental health in the comments below.



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